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The sun is going down already, and the sky is coloured violet and pink as we make our way back to camp. A giraffe and her foal move sedately through the Savuti landscape in front of the picturesque evening sky. The two animals observe us curiously, as we move slowly along with them at some distance. As we obviously don’t pose a threat, the animals stand still. While the foal looks a little unsure, the mother watches us with a certain air of calm. She chews pleasurably on some grass, while her patterned appearances stretch out of the high grass into the band of clouds in the sky. After a while, they move on. We watch the ever-darkening silhouettes of the animals from a distance, as they finally melt into the darkness of nightfall.


Copyright © 2019 Christoph Tänzer. All rights reserved.


SKU: AU-05
  • Giraffe in evening twilight, Botswana.

    (Limited Edition)

    The monochrome print is mounted on aluminum, refined by an customised frame of walnut wood and provided with museum glass. The picture will be delivered including a wooden box, a certificate and the story of the picture.


    The shipping time takes usually between 4 and 8 weeks.


    For inquiries or further information, please contact us at:

  • We ship worldwide with Swiss Post or a courier service.

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