The Play



The morning mist is slowly lifting. The lions stride through the wet grass, seemingly without a destination. While the three adults trot behind each other at a distance, the three young animals are busy chasing each other. They tumble through the area, sneak up on each other, and then suddenly shoot forward to tussle, or bite each other playfully in the neck.

It’s fascinating to see how they display more and more character traits. Dominant and submissive, strong and weak. Suddenly, the young male lion lies down in the grass and seems to play with the rays of the sun.


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The Play

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  • Lion cub playing in the sun, Botswana. (Limited Edition)

    The monochrome print is mounted on aluminum, refined by an customised frame of walnut wood and provided with museum glass. The picture will be delivered including a wooden box, a certificate and the story of the picture.


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