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As we’re out by the Khwai River in Botswana, I stand with my friend Lucky on a wide grassy plain which borders a branch of the river. A herd of springbok is grazing peacefully on the plain, while a few of the young bulls start their turf wars. As we’re watching the springbok, I suddenly become aware of a hippo, slowly moving through the branch of the river some distance away. Something about the animal attracts my attention. I definitely want to photograph it. Instinctively, I change my position and the follow the hippo through my camera’s viewfinder. I stay lying on my front for half an hour, the hippo in my viewfinder at all times, until I can finally capture this unique moment. Its mouth is wide open, saliva and water spraying out. Two relaxed red-billed oxpeckers are sitting on the animal’s back.

Copyright © 2019 Christoph Tänzer. All rights reserved.


SKU: AU-07

    Hippopotamus in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. (Limited Edition)

    The monochrome print is mounted on aluminum, refined by an customised frame of walnut wood and provided with museum glass. The picture will be delivered including a wooden box, a certificate and the story of the picture.


    The shipping time takes usually between 4 and 8 weeks.


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