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Light and shade alternate. We suddenly notice a movement in the undergrowth. We look more closely and make out the spotted skin of a leopard between the boughs, branches and twigs of the thick shrubs. As the animal moves slowly forwards, we can see it is an old female leopard. Her ears are ragged and a large scar adorns her snout. She picks her way carefully through the thicket. We can’t hear anything, just the warning cry of a yellow-billed horntail in the trees. The old lady carefully places one paw in front of the other, then suddenly stops, as if rooted to the spot, and fixes me with her gaze. Shortly after, she goes on her way and disappears into the thicket without a sound.

Copyright © 2019 Christoph Tänzer. All rights reserved.


SKU: J-15
  • Leopardess in thicket, Botswana. (Limited Edition)

    The monochrome print is mounted on aluminum, refined by an customised frame of walnut wood and provided with museum glass. The picture will be delivered including a wooden box, a certificate and the story of the picture.


    The shipping time takes usually between 4 and 8 weeks.


    For inquiries or further information, please contact us at:

  • We ship worldwide with Swiss Post or a courier service.

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