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During a trip to Uganda, Christoph Tänzer (1977 DE) came across the last living mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This memorable encounter and the conversation with members of the Batwa pygmies, led to a change in Christoph Tänzer’s life. Since that time, the Swiss resident decided to dedicate himself to his project - African wildlife photography.

Christoph Tänzer was already passionate about the animals of Africa as a little boy. The big cats and wild animals of wildlife documentaries in the 70’s exerted their fascination on him, and were the reason for his trips into the wilds of Africa. He has been travelling through Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda for several years now - always with the aim of creating awareness of the animals of Africa.

For a fine art photograph to move you, it has to tell a story - a story which is much more than just a physical, digital print of a negative. Christoph Tänzer has become a storyteller with his defining experiences and pictures. The moments he captures, contain calmness and clarity and are impressive portraits that convey their uniqueness and presence of Africa’s animals.


With his work, he aims to change, but also create value for his clients and Africa fans. That’s why the award-winning artist brings the viewer up close with the animals of Africa, and lets them feel the power of the moment in the face of the animal. 


Jäger - Momentaufnahmen afrikanischer Raubkatzen

20.09.-30.09. 2018, Zürich


Swiss Art Expo
15.09.-19.05.2019, Zürich


Guest lecturer/critic, University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons & Bern University of Arts

January 2020

«I believe by showing people the beauty of these wonderful creatures, they are more likely to be reached and become aware of conservation.»

Christoph Tänzer

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